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Here's what people are saying about 90210 Farmer.

"Thank you for transforming a portion of my backyard to an orchard.  It looks great!  We look forward to the fruit trees growing and producing plenty of fruit."

Larry and Susan H.

"Your selection of fruit trees for sale is amazing.  Thank you for spending time with me to provide information about fruit trees I never heard of before from all over the world.  We look forward to tasting them as they mature over the next few years.

Laura and Mike S.

"Our new vegetable and herb gardens are amazing.  The 7 ft high fruit trees were worth it... we already have fruits!  It is an amazing experience to be able to go to our yard, pick fruits and veggies, and juice them into unique combinations.  Thank you 90210 Farmer!" 

Eli and Rebekah K.

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Looking to create or maintain any of these in your back yard?


  • Orchard
  • Vineyard
  • Berry Garden
  • Vegetable Garden
  • Herb Garden
  • Composting System


We Provide the following types of services:


  • Design
  • Development
  • Maintenance
  • Harvesting
  • Training


We No project is too small.  We can helo you with simple activities like:


  • Trimming your Fruit Trees.
  • Planting fruit trees.
  • Planting Herbs and Vegetables.
  • Maintaining your fruit trees.
  • Maintaining your herb and vegetable garden.
  • Fertlilzing your fruit trees, herbs or vegerables.
  • Picking your fruits and delivering to your door.
  • Showing you how to maintain your backyard farm yourself.


David Gadish, Ph.D.

90210 Farmer
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Text David: 310 433-0694 310 433-0694

E-mail: 90210Farmer@gmail.com

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