Grow Your Own Fruits and Vegetables in the Covid-19 Era with Video Conference Support

Grow Your Own Fruits, Vegetables and Herbs!  We will show you how via Zoom video conference

We will schedule one or more one-on-one video conferences (I will invite you to a session with me at a scheduled day/time.


You will show me your back yard. 


We will plan what fruit trees, vegetables and/or herbs should be planted and where.


I will work with you to order everything you need to create your own back yard farm (the right soil, the right fertilizers, the right organic insecticides)


The shipments will be dropped off at your home straight from various nurseries, and other online sources.


We will then schedule additional video conference sessions during which I will help you plant and then show you how to take care of your new backyard farm.

Edible Luxury In Your Back Yard

Endless possibilities to transform a portion of your backyard into your dream farm / orchard...

Our Mission

We are your neighbors... and we are also farmers.  Right here in your back yard so to speak... 90210... Just a three-minute drive north of the Beverly Hills Hotel.  


We turned a portion of our backyard into a farm.  We have been involved in farming one way or another for the past four decades.  And, if you are interested... We can help you do the same.


Read on to find out why this can be good for you...

It's About Your Health!

When you buy fruits and veggies in the market… they can be sprayed, engineered, waxed, and more.  When you grow your own fruits and veggies at home… you get the healthiest and most natural ones!

Eat Local!

People are meant to eat foods that can be grown in your local surroundings.  This way you get immuned to local ailments.  This is why it is better to purchase California grown produce, but it is best to grow it yourself.

It's About Your Children or Grandchildren!

One of the most amazing experiences is to see them pick their own fruits and vegetables.  This teaches them about, and connects them to nature, and increases their trust in fruits and vegetables.

It's About Social Change!

This is the future!  Help lead the revolution! To bring this to others who need it.  Help connect others to the land, and people to each other through the land.

Grow Your Own!

Grow your own: Vegetables, Herbs, Grapes, Berries, Local fruits like apples and oranges, as well as exotic fruits such as African Kai Apple, Babaco, Jombolan and many others.

We Can Help!

We can work with you to re-design a portion of your backyard to include farm components. We can then plant it all, and either train you or your staff on managing your new farm, and come in on a regular basis to monitor and provide advice... Or we can do it all for you, including picking up the fruits and veggies and delivering them from your backyard farm to your door! 


Click on the image below to discover the nine components of the backyard farm... you can pick and choose as you like!

Explore the path to your own backyard farm!
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